Abundance Gate aligns facility services, academics, experts, corporations and investors to realize biotech startups’ highest potential in tackling the world’s most challenging problems. The scientific fields offer valuable information that we will spread. This supports the value of the startups. 


We provide facilities and services so that biotech startups thrive. This includes lab space, offices space, meeting rooms, shared infrastructure and equipment, access to mentors and industries advisors as well as connecting them with blended capital to meet their needs. 


We also provide education, events, and workshops that focus on shifting mindset and transferring hard skills. This mix of services and physical location will attract an ecosystem of like-minded stakeholders, interested in tackling humanities most pressing issues.  



We focus on Deep BioTech Sectors as Life Science (Red, Blue, White), Food Science (Yellow, Green) and Cross Sections (AI, Robotics, Sensors, Quantum Computing)




Bio Meets Tech

The new building blocks of biology now stretch far beyond their origin. From AI to scaling and automation, these platforms are expanding the limits of what biology can do, from the lab bench to the world.


The Next Industrial Revolution

As we divert from mere optimization of natural processes, new systems and materials emerge. Cell-free biological factories and biomanufacturing are paving the way for the next biologically-inspired industrial revolution.


The Bioeconomy Culture

Synthetic biology is no longer confined to the laboratory, and there is much to be done regarding the context in which it is developed and applied. The only way to reach a sustainable bioeconomy is to integrate all involved parties and foster an open discussion.


Biopharma and Health

We are entering a new era of medicine. Engineered cells, therapies, and genetic treatments are expanding what we can treat and how we will live.


Energy and Environment

Maximizing the bioeconomy will help minimize the use of non-renewable resources by producing sustainable bioproducts, renewable fuels, energy storage technologies and more. After all, nothing is greener than biology.


Food and Agriculture

To feed more people on an already straining planet, agriculture must become greener, more innovative and more bountiful. Synthetic biology is ready to help.


1. A critical mass of highly trained technical talent with entrepreneurial desires and few options. 

2. Emergence of key technologies such as AI, CRISPR, IoT, sensors, blockchain and synthetic biology. 

3. The costs of running deep science startups are approaching the costs of digital startups with developments such as cloud labs. 

4. Capital and public money is increasingly available and more and more private investors are interested in opportunities in high-tech that develop solutions to the challenges facing our planet.

5. There is a massive need to apply science in tackling the most critical issues of our time.