Abundance Gate assists the best biotechnology startups to realize their full potential for creating financial wealth, exponential growth, and environmental and social impact. We provide space, resources, access to funding opportunities, and support to ensure the successful commercialisation of new technologies which improve life for all and resource longevity.

Abundance Gate aligns facility services, academics, experts, corporations and investors to realize biotech start-ups’ highest potential in tackling the world’s most challenging problems. The scientific fields offer valuable information that we will spread via our ancillary communications and publications services. This supports the value of the startups.

Our short-term strategy is to use a pilot location at Carlbergergasse in Vienna to test our services on a smaller scale (3-4 startups) on site in labs of around 1100m2 (BSL 1 and BSL 2 labs) from January 2023.  


With this laboratory property, we can offer some startups urgently needed workplaces to keep them in Austria.